Surgery results & hospital stay

by on August 20, 2011
in Doctors & procedures

Well, I got the miracle I was praying for…NO stent!  Yippee!  Also the doctor was surprised that he was able to unblock the airway enough that the upper left lobe and most of the lower left lobe of my lung reinflated.  He was pleased and told me to deep breath and cough as much as I can to get the sticky stuff out.  He thinks it is highly likely that it will collapse again but I am certain I will prove him wrong.  Since my data is going into a world bank of info why don’t I blow them all out of the water and keep it reinflated forever.

I have a new best friend that will assist me in doing this amazing, difficult task and “her” name is butterfly valve.  She is 7″ tall and blue plastic with a clear mouthpiece.  I control the dial at the base to be more resistant or less and then blow into it 10 times per hour all day.  It vibrates my lung and actually feels kind of cool.  The purpose is to shake loose the mucous and “stuff” that shouldn’t be there.  I am convinced that if I use this faithfully that my chances of keeping it inflated will be good.  Feel free to email or call or ask me anytime if I am remembering to deep breath and use my butterfly valve.  I need all the help I can get to remember to do this critical activity.  Remeber that I am not always available to answer the phone while I am following the Gerson therapy.  I find the coffee enemas to be especially comforting right now since they help to relieve pain…like the splitting headache I had from anesthesia and lack of sleep.

I don’t have my full appetite back yet after so little sleep in the hospital, 2 hours is not enough to function normally. Since I didn’t get home until 2:30 I had fewer juices but today I am back to the full 10 that my Gerson therapy calls for. The roof of my mouth is sore and I still have both my front teeth with no chips that I can see.  It hurts really bad when I cough because my gut and ribs seem to be very sore for some reason.  I just want to rest on the couch for now.  The TV will come in handy this evening for passing the time away.  I did go for a short neighborhood walk this morning with a friend that is visiting from Austria.

I have another request if it fits into your schedule…I need people to come to my house and MAKE me go on a short, slow walk.  This would NOT be a fitness activity for you but it would be for me.  I don’t expect anyone to make a regular commitment but if you have 20-30 minutes during the day just give me a call or email me.  It is hard to believe I have done a 27 mile training run for a marathon all by myself but now I seem to lack the motivation to take a walk by myself.  I know that healing is a process and my journey seems so very long right now (4 1/2 years to be exact)

Hopefully this answers most of your questions for now.  If not, just make a comment and I will try to answer quickly.  Enjoy the rest of your summer because this one was extra short don’t you think.

Love to all,