Beginning a new therapy

by on January 27, 2010
in Gerson therapy, Juicing

I am beginning a new therapy starting next Monday, February 1, 2010, to help me recover from cancer.  I will be going to a Gerson therapy certified clinic in Mexico for 3 weeks.  Since the fees include having a companion come with me, I am taking my friend Carolyn Taylor for the first two weeks and then my daughter Nicole will join me for the last week.  They will learn along with me how to prepare the organic fruits and vegetables for my lunch and dinner and also how to use the Norwalk juice machine for my hourly fresh glass of juice.  There is no need to learn how to cook oatmeal which I will have every morning for breakfast for the next two years.

The enzymes from the juice help to detoxify my body and the organic coffee enemas help to stimulate the liver and increase bile production to get the toxins out.  Sometimes I will have what is called “flare-ups”.  This may include a fever and feeling sick but I will definitely be edgy or cranky or just plain difficult to be around.  (hopefully not for very long.)  I will let you know what this diet protocol is really like day by day through this blog.  Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy has been curing/healing and helping 52 degenerative diseases, not just cancer,  since the 1930’s.

I hope my musings will help you to understand what it is like for me.  My goal is to restore my body’s natural healing power and to keep my cancer from returning again and again.  In fact, right now I still have anal cancer with a little mestastasis in my left lung but it should continue to shrink and hopefully disappear before my next CT scan in March.

Thanks to friends donating their precious time I have this beautiful new blog to share with you and those interested in restoring their health.  Thanks for your interest and support.